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Lights off October 1, 2022
Not all heroes wear capes September 29, 2022
Water September 28, 2022
The IQ around you September 27, 2022
Ghorbani on S. Roszak September 26, 2022
Lethal theory 2 September 25, 2022
Bombing as communication September 24, 2022
Lethal theory September 23, 2022
Fall ’22 TISiesta September 11, 2022
Grammatical fictions September 10, 2022
Ontology porn September 9, 2022
The atrophy of cultural selves September 8, 2022
Everyday strategy September 7, 2022
Opticracy, experientially September 6, 2022
Thomas Running September 5, 2022
Self-driving Leviathan September 4, 2022
There’s a trick to it September 3, 2022
Frame metaphors: Games, ecology, and organization September 2, 2022
Stigmergy in the generalized reading frame September 1, 2022
Openings August 31, 2022
Ideas are not objects August 30, 2022
Expressive indeterminacy and empowerment August 29, 2022
Player wimping August 28, 2022
Implication vs insinuation August 27, 2022
Social modalities August 26, 2022
Substitute or compliment August 25, 2022
Notes on the NBA finals August 24, 2022
Seedsmen against eugenics (a draft) August 23, 2022
Downvoting into the void August 22, 2022
A more honest way to argue for meanings of words August 21, 2022
Kettle logic August 20, 2022
Progress studies, pt 1 August 19, 2022
The Chomskyite and Wittgenstenian August 18, 2022
Ambiguous nonconformity August 17, 2022
Salvaging Austin August 16, 2022
The origins of art August 15, 2022
Agents August 14, 2022
Expressive conformity August 13, 2022
People care August 12, 2022
Signals and subtlety August 11, 2022
Knowledge is a skill August 10, 2022
Arguments from history, pt 1 August 9, 2022
How to answer a question August 8, 2022
Controller controversies August 7, 2022
Sow, so reap August 6, 2022
White Collar August 5, 2022
Drinking steel and zapping urushiol August 4, 2022
A problem of self-interpretation August 3, 2022
Conversational confirmations August 2, 2022
Concepts and circularity August 1, 2022
Bodies with organs July 31, 2022
Farmers July 30, 2022
Notes on Elwood & Baldwin July 29, 2022
Red Desert July 28, 2022
Divide by less July 27, 2022
Why artists return to nature July 26, 2022
“Wartime export”: Colorado potato beetle July 25, 2022
The physical implementation of the Liar’s Paradox is a buzzer July 24, 2022
Paradoxes come from reifying representations July 23, 2022
Don’t forget you’re contradicting, dear July 22, 2022
Legal language July 21, 2022
Drinking steel for self or others July 20, 2022
Wine in front of me July 19, 2022
“Weaponized” words are imbalanced decision rules July 18, 2022
Euphemism treadmills and “Communication finds a way” July 17, 2022
When a muskrat’s a fish July 16, 2022
Brains in your feet July 15, 2022
Glass July 14, 2022
Disavowed Desire leads to Abstracting Desires, capping your ability to get what you want July 13, 2022
Digitalization & reification July 12, 2022
A number is not an explanation July 11, 2022
Retroactive conceptualization July 10, 2022
PvP v PvE July 9, 2022
Categories as heuristics, part 2 July 8, 2022
Teasers for the previous 100 posts July 7, 2022
100th post anniversary July 6, 2022
Bartleby, the illegible July 5, 2022
On the origins of my drive towards social analysis July 4, 2022
Zoom out and contextualize July 3, 2022
Flags July 2, 2022
LCD messaging July 1, 2022
The “point” of a mechanistic theory of self-deception June 30, 2022
Response to “Narrative Engineering” June 29, 2022
Memories are environmental indices June 28, 2022
Asymmetric justice June 27, 2022
Monotheism and the volcano June 26, 2022
Things which trend downwards June 25, 2022
Caught in the torque June 24, 2022
Honesty is the best policy June 23, 2022
Pragmatic truth-seeking leads to correspondences June 22, 2022
40 minute meetings June 21, 2022
Drinking steel June 20, 2022
Short-term v. long-term in selection games June 19, 2022
Boing! Or; utility is not a function June 18, 2022
Maui pool party June 17, 2022
Overwhelming legibility June 16, 2022
The world’s answering machine June 15, 2022
Five quick reminders about consciousness June 14, 2022
Ontological camouflage June 13, 2022
Incentives & degenerate play June 12, 2022
Goffman’s primary framework June 11, 2022
The bull case for AI music June 10, 2022
Torque policy June 9, 2022
Favors and fear June 8, 2022
So-called “showmanship” in science June 7, 2022
A cluster in salience space June 6, 2022
Clever chunking June 5, 2022
Bad dancing and bad writing June 4, 2022
Categories as heuristics June 3, 2022
Monograph or aether June 2, 2022
Empty frame June 1, 2022
You are a slave to the messages you look for May 31, 2022
Embodiment, verbalization, and ambiguity in social theory May 30, 2022
Sticky heuristics May 29, 2022
False dichotomy as filter and focus May 28, 2022
Showmanship in science May 27, 2022
Always wearing lingerie is banal May 26, 2022
Kingmakers May 25, 2022
Trust tells May 24, 2022
Value clarity 2.0 May 23, 2022
Spooky info May 22, 2022
Ecstatic demography May 21, 2022
An aspect of “manipulation” that not all communication has May 20, 2022
Self-response learning and ACiM May 19, 2022
Language and science May 18, 2022
Prestigious costumes & cargocult philosophy May 17, 2022
Board games are a social construct May 16, 2022
Thought sinks May 15, 2022
Consciousness is not strongly emergent May 14, 2022
Year of cotton May 13, 2022
Being incoherent is lindy May 12, 2022
Anti-inductivity is a limit case May 11, 2022
Brute association—or “babbling” May 10, 2022
The pfeilstorch May 9, 2022
Danny at the Grand Canyon May 8, 2022
Notes on Franke 2013: Game Theoretic Pragmatics May 7, 2022
On formless empiricism May 6, 2022
Near & far view in the inexact sciences May 5, 2022
Getting real May 4, 2022
Examples of themselves May 3, 2022
Tana French on the selection games of detective work May 2, 2022
A vocabulary primer to strategic interaction, pt 1 May 1, 2022
Non-literal communication April 30, 2022
Aligned incentive structures of potlucks April 29, 2022
Cargocult to William James April 28, 2022
Wireheading is a teleological misnomer April 27, 2022
Reply to “Heuristics That Almost Always Work” April 26, 2022
On metonyms April 25, 2022
Degenerate play April 24, 2022
Introspection vs extrospection, and psychoanalytic epistemics April 23, 2022
Will my uploaded brain whistle? April 22, 2022
Natural ontologies April 21, 2022
Girardean mimesis, Bourdieusean distinction April 20, 2022
Generalized hacking April 19, 2022
The signal democratization double-bind April 18, 2022
Boundaries protect information, too April 17, 2022
Taste, optics, and authenticity April 16, 2022
The limits of signal privilege April 15, 2022
Consciously strategizing in social interaction is a Chinese fingertrap April 14, 2022
Quick sketch of the strategic situation April 13, 2022
Eating dirt April 12, 2022
Excluded middle frames and when to doubt them April 11, 2022
Learning to manipulate April 10, 2022
The degree to which you are divided is the degree to which you are conquered April 9, 2022
Signal privilege vs representation privilege in introspection April 8, 2022
Optimization v. empowerment April 7, 2022
Thoughts on differentiation April 6, 2022
Reference on the fly April 5, 2022
How examples undermine GPT-4 April 4, 2022
Generalized reading for everybody April 3, 2022
Cat couplings are a way to construct and reinforce types April 2, 2022
Everything bottlenecks with appearances April 1, 2022
Coordinating with cups March 31, 2022
Gaming & entailment March 30, 2022
Catwoman leaving Batman for Jar Jar Binks because of his implied proficiency at oral sex as a cautionary tale for artificial general intelligence March 29, 2022


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