Lights off

by Collin Lysford

tis.so is ceasing regular updates for the foreseeable future. Our investigations are pulling in disparate directions these days. TIS was driven by synergistic excitement that produced plentiful posts. A major focus that unites most of our writing is the drive to call things what they really are, and so it’s important for us to say that the music has stopped.

We have a twitter list including the authors, guest posters, and a few other friends. tis.so will remain online; we don’t like link rot. Authors are still welcome to add new posts if this feels like the best place to host a thought. We’re just releasing ourselves from the obligation to release anything regularly, as well as emphasizing that any posts that come will be more individualistic instead of arising from internal discussions.

Some of us are bound to cross paths again, and this site might bloom with the result. Otherwise, short in time but rich with experience — here we were. Thanks for thinking with us.