Fall ’22 TISiesta

We’ve kept up a continious chain of daily posts since our inception, a streak we’re very proud of. But enough of us took breaks over the summer that our queue has been depleted, and we need a bit of time to recharge. TIS will be on break until the fall equinox. Our next post will be September 23rd, 2022. You are still able (and even encouraged) to submit a guest post during the siesta; just be aware it won’t be published until some time after the 23rd.

In the meantime, you can read the recent piece from Luþemplær’s Scribbles, Optikratic Oath”, where he writes (with far too much charity) about our nascent little group:

If I had to title their growing little corner, I’d perhaps call it Refractionary, as opposed to the Reactionary. By that I mean, whatever you shine at them you are sure to get a full spectrum of thought and, unlike mere deconstruction, they will rebuild the thought back to a working framework for your daily thinking.