Lights on

February 29th is a day you don’t get every year. It’s a good time to announce the return of ephemeral things. So: the Inexact Sciences blog will begin the second season of publication here at tis.so starting tomorrow. One post a day til it’s done.

We’ve got a healthy mix of old-timers, new timers, guest-posters-turned-flock-members, and some familiar faces who aren’t here yet but we hope to tempt back by activity. We’re still as focused on the anecdotal, interactive, and epistemological as we ever were. There’s a bit less focus on the frames of communication and games in favor of ecology, lightness, and information flowing through time.

When artists sell out, who are they selling to? What is the unit of survival? Do we understand the orders of magnitude of nature? How much should you care about the lineage of an idea? Why did you tip the hot dog man? Where should you look for deer next year? What sort of lime juice is best? How do you shit? These are some of the questions we’ll be exploring this season.

If you have something to say as a response to or inspired by our explorations, you’re encouraged to submit a guest post suggestion here. But don’t wait too long. When our queue runs completely dry we’ll take it as a sign to go back to the well of observation, and will pull the shutters down for at least a year. If we have more to write, we’ll keep writing; if we don’t, we’ll respect your time and go find something to write.